Anna Creti

Professor of Economics at Paris-Dauphine University,   LeDA-CGEMP (Laboratory of economics - Commodities and Energy Geopolitics Center)

Scientific Director of the Natural Gas Economics Chair (Paris-Dauphine University, École des Mines, IFPEN, Toulouse School of Economics)

Scientific Director of the Climate Economics Chair (Paris-Dauphine University)

Senior researcher, Economics department, École Polytechnique

Research associate at UC3E, Berkeley and Santa Barbara, California


PhD in Economics at Toulouse School of Economics
Post-Doctorate at London School of Economics


Various articles published in Journal of Regulatory Economics, Energy Economics, Resource and Energy Economics, Energy Policy, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Energy Studies Review, Economics, The Manchester Journal, Structural change and Economics Dynamics, Mathematical and Financial Economics, International Economics…

Subject of interests

Competition and regulation of network firms, market design, energy policies and economics, utilities organisation, environmental regulation, carbon markets. 

CV and publications