Yannick LE PEN

Yannick Le Pen started his research career in 1996 at the University - Nantes following a PhD thesis defended with honors on « Convergence of the Wealth of Nations: an empirical approach». Since September 2010, he is Assistant Professor at the University of Paris Dauphine and researcher at the CGEMP.


Recent Publications

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  • "Volatility transmisson and volatility impulse response functions in European electricity forward markets", avec Benoît Sévi, 2010, Energy Economics, vol. 32 (4), pp. 758-770.
  • "What trends in energy efficiencies ? Evidence from a robust test", avec Benoît Sévi, 2010, Energy Economics, vol. 32 (3), pp. 702-708.
  • "Impact d'un choc sur les corrélations de trois indices boursiers - La faillite de Lehman Brothers", avec Benoît Sévi, 2010, Revue Economique, vol. 61 (3), pp. 407-419.
  • "On the non-convergence of energy intensities : evidence from a pair-wise econometric approach", avec Benoît Sévi, 2010, Ecological Economics, vol. 69 (3), pp. 641-650.