Jan Horst Keppler is professor of economics at the Université Paris – Dauphine, where he directs the Chair European Electricity Markets (CEEM). His principle research is on the competitiveness of low carbon technologies such as nuclear energy and renewables, taking into account their full costs at the system level. He also advises the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on issues relating to economics and electricity markets. Recent publications include The Costs of Decarbonisation: System Costs with High Shares of Nuclear and Renewables(2019), The Full Costs of Electricity Provision (2018), “Determining Optimal Interconnection Capacity on the Basis of Hourly Demand and Supply Functions of Electricity” (Energy Journal, 2018) and “Rationales for Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms” (Energy Policy, 2017). Current work centres on the optimal provision of flexibility and dispatchable power generation in decarbonising electricity systems. Professor Keppler intervenes regularly in the media and was until 2018 a member of the Exchange Council of EPEX Spot, the European electricity market operator.

Jan Horst Keppler also works in the history of economic ideas, in particular on Adam Smith and the origins of economic analysis as a specific form of capturing the transformation of individual impulses into social interactions. 

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