Professeur d'économie à l'Université de Paris Dauphine, Directeur de la Chaire European Electricity Markets

Jan Horst Keppler is professor of economics at the Université Paris Dauphine – PSL, where he co-directs the Master Energy, Finance, Carbon (EFC) and teaches the class on “The Economics of Energy and the Environment”. He is also Scientific Director of the Chair European Electricity Markets (CEEM) and senior economic advisor to the OECD. Professor Keppler’s principal area of research is the financing and competitiveness of low carbon technologies such as nuclear energy and renewables in the context of the energy transition. Recent publications include The Projected Costs of Generating Electricity (2020), The Costs of Decarbonisation: System Costs with High Shares of Nuclear and Renewables (2019), “Determining Optimal Interconnection Capacity on the Basis of Hourly Demand and Supply Functions of Electricity” (Energy Journal, 2018) as well as “Rationales for Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms” (Energy Policy, 2017).